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GTACup.net / Re : GTACup 2.1
« Dernier message par Sakigjiwa le Hier à 10:38:22 »
It would be most true that it was.
Scripting SA-MP [Pawn center] / Re : [En cours] Fonction MoveAttachedObject
« Dernier message par cristab le 11 décembre 2017, 16:44:22 »
par votre faute je m'y remet doucement dans le bain ^^ mais il faut avouer deja mon francais est pas terrible alors mon anglais xDD
Autre / How to use the console on linux server properly?
« Dernier message par JoeClark le 11 décembre 2017, 14:30:16 »

I have got a Linux Server installed on my machine, and i will run an MTASA and TS3 server on it.

As i remember, i had problems with the console, it was weird-controlable. I installed an application, called screen, but i dont really know how to use it.

Is it possible, that i can leave the console, re-join in the console, write commands in the command line and the console, check other servers and etc. Please help me, with this screen and console stuff!

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Scripting SA-MP [Pawn center] / A server is stealing our scripts.
« Dernier message par JoeClark le 11 décembre 2017, 14:28:45 »

Some server (mtasa:// is directly stealing our (mtasa:// scripts. They have admitted it.

I've got proof in form of screenshots, but they're in spanish, I won't post them here unless someone asks to.

I need help. They're using our hard work for their own purposes which is really f**ed up. I request admin support if possible.

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Problèmes et bugs / Dynasty Network
« Dernier message par JoeClark le 11 décembre 2017, 14:27:22 »

Dynasty Network, Yeah we had a topic before the cleanup but this time we cameback bigger and better. Our topic will be managed way better then it was before and i'll put all my time into keeping this up to date also backups will be made daily. I hope you like this .

But that's it about the topic. Now let's head into the server and show what we are currently Developing. We are currently in Alpha state and are testing / optimising everything so you guys won't encounter bugs.

This is due the fact we got a strict punishment if it goes about bug abusing and such. Getting caught using bugs etc in your advantage will result in a permanent ban.

Feel free to leave a like and reaction, I would really love it since it's showing interest and that you are supporting the development of it.

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Problèmes et bugs / Reference Project, for Unity Multiplayer Q&A
« Dernier message par JoeClark le 08 décembre 2017, 14:11:55 »

Reference Project is a Unity Multiplayer project that is available for free on the Asset Store. If you’ve gone through the Multiplayer tutorials on our site, it should look familiar. It’s based on the existing Tanks! tutorials, but amped up into a fully featured game. This project includes code, assets, reference material… everything you need to build the full game.

We made this project because we’ve seen and gotten a lot of direct feedback regarding how one implements Multiplayer in a production environment. So, it demonstrates how to solve some common Multiplayer challenges like compensating for latency and cheating.

Because this is architected as a production-ready game, it may be harder to digest than the existing Tanks! tutorials. So to ease people in, this project comes with a complete reference guide. You can also watch 3 part video walkthrough on Youtube right now.

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Autre / I need suggestion for a gaming laptop.
« Dernier message par JoeClark le 08 décembre 2017, 14:10:34 »

I've saved enough money to buy a decent gaming laptop.

Please don't suggest me to go for a gaming PC. I know they are generally better. But I might have to relocate for university.

I'd like to play GTA SA, GTA V, PUBG and some CS:GO.

GTA SA won't really be an issue to run but I'd like if GTA V can churn out atleast 60 fps on High settings.

The laptop I've mentioned below is about 1400$.

If any of you have owned an Asus ROG then what has been your experience?

Owners of gaming Laptops, is it worth it?

Please help.


I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.


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Scripting SA-MP [Pawn center] / Texture Studio - Texture your maps
« Dernier message par JoeClark le 08 décembre 2017, 14:09:01 »

Well it's just a in game map editor that will let you texture up to material index 15 (16 materials) as well as set color for that material index on objects.

So far there is only some basic editing commands as it's mainly meant for texturing the idea is you create your maps in your favorite map editor they can then be imported into Texture Studio with the /importmap command only CreateObject() and CreateDynamicObject() object code lines are currently accepted. Just put your maps in text files located in the /tstudio/ImportMaps/ folder.

Yes you will need the textureviewer that is included in the release the command is /mtextures in game /mtset uses those array ids

You can set how many objects are editable the default is 10,000 which should be good for most people setting a different value requires a re-compile.

You can set the material slots higher the default being 16 you can increase this but I'm pretty sure you won't be able to open a map that was saved in a 16 slot compile. This is because it saves the array into the database keep in mind as well that SAMP only supports re-texturing from index 0-15 but if this changes in the future Texture Studio is adaptable.

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Problèmes et bugs / San Andreas - Battlegrounds
« Dernier message par JoeClark le 08 décembre 2017, 14:07:28 »

Gamemode inspired from popular deathmatch game Player's Unknown battelgrounds ported in SAMP.

Its still in BETA, which means there could be bugs and over all that this gamemode isn't complete at all.

I made this a while ago and since i am retired, i thought i could post this here and people might find this interesting and continue the project. Feel free to fork it!

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Tutoriaux de stunt / Stunt Kite Video Tutorials
« Dernier message par JoeClark le 07 décembre 2017, 10:35:05 »

Starting this topic to assemble a fairly comprehensive list of all the video tutorial resources available online related to 2 string / dual line / stunt kite / sport kite flying...

The list below is somewhat categorized by variety of knowledge, ideally getting more robust and eventually more complex as you work your way through.

I'll likely reorganize as time goes on, but please feel free to add anything you've found in a reply and I'll add it to this lead post if I think it fits into what I want to end up with, otherwise it'll stay part of the discussion here.

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